We are delighted to have been appointed as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Outcomes & Digital Specialists framework. This new listing enables us to offer outstanding digital outcomes and specialists to the UK rail sector.

Backed by DVT team of 500 experienced professionals, DigiRail services meet the needs of a range of rail sector clients and deliver lasting changes with measurable results. Our services span digital, data, technology (DD&T), people, process, design and Agile.

The public sector has spent more than £2.5bn through Crown Commercial Service’s DOS agreements since 2016, with 34% of that spend – more than £800m – going directly to SMEs.

Patrick Nolan, Technology Director at Crown Commercial Service said:

"Our Digital Outcomes and Specialists agreement continues to facilitate our customers’ digital transformation while also creating opportunities for suppliers of all sizes. By simplifying the application process as much as possible we are reducing the barriers that SMEs can face when seeking to supply to the public sector.”

Tim Robinson, Chairman at DigiRail said:

"I am delighted that DigiRail Journey is starting with DOS5 offering digital, data and technology services to the UK public rail sector through DOS5. We look forward to working with UK public rail sector organisations over the coming 12 months.”