DigiRailTM is an adaptable ‘whole-system’ solution that connects all disciplines and distributes data to areas of the business where is can be exploited, to improve business performance collectively and in each area of the business.

At the heart of the DigiRailTM is ISEEU’s Remote Mobile Applications Technology (RMAT) platform, providing the core Business Process Automation to drive the data, applications and integration to the appropriate business areas on a day to day basis.

They DigiRailTM platform focuses on the following areas:

  • Customer Experience
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • HR
  • Environmental
  • Retail

ISEEU work in partnership with industry stakeholders to tailor our DigiRailTM platform to accommodate and adapt to specific customer environments and requirements.

One Platform, Multiple Applications

Key Features



Personalise the passenger experience and digitally enable staff with real time, location aware and dynamic applications



Deliver data from CCTV, RFID tags, sensors and the back office



Modular flexible and based on open standards

Staff Applications

Deliver the Right Information at the Right Time for Staff

Digitally enabling staff is just as important as enabling passengers. Ensuring staff on the front line have the most up to date contextual information that they can convey to passengers is a critical part of delivering great customer service. DigiRailTM gives you the ability to pull multiple data sources into an intuitive and role relevant mobile experience.

DigiRailTM Workforce Apps

Digitally empowered staff with smart apps tailored to their roles

Suite IconDrivers

Suite IconConductors Mate

Suite IconCustomer Services

Suite IconMaintenance Mate

Passenger Applications

Creating choice for passengers

DigiRailTM gives train companies the building blocks to build an integrated, personalised mobile experience that enhances the passengers travel experience. The platform is designed to allow rail operators to fuse multiple data sources meaning you can be flexible and respond dynamically to changes in customer attitudes and behaviours.

DigiRailTM Passenger Application

Fully customisable apps for passengers
Real-time Journey Information, Where is my train/ETA?
Capacity information and available amenities

Passenger Suite Header

Suite IconSmart Boarding

Suite IconParking

Suite IconOnboard Services

Suite IconLuggage

Suite IconSpecial Assistance

Suite IconIn Touch

DigiRailTM – A Platform for Smart Mobility

The digital age and growth in smartphone usage has shifted power to users who now dictate what they want from a rail operator. DigiRail provides train operators with a cohesive approach to meet the increasing demands of passengers and also digitally enable staff so they can be more responsive to the customers needs.

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